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Underwater Repair is a commercial diving and lake management company. We are locally owned and operated and have been in business for 33 years serving the entire state of Colorado and beyond. We are a small yet reliable company dedicated to handle your needs efficiently and in a timely fashion. We know how important water is to you so we respond quickly to resolve your issues. Our strong reputation and recommendations our clients are what have kept us in business for many years and many more to come. There are two branches of our company, Underwater Repair Specialists and Lake Management Specialists. While Underwater Repair Specialists services the areas you cannot see below the water, Lake Management Specialists handles the more visible issues above and in the water.

Underwater Repair offers a wide variety of services and can fix or replace about any of your equipment located under the water. We can assist you with your aeration system, intake and wet well problems and many other issues. Remember to call us before you drain a lake or pond to fix a problem. It is probably something we can do under the water and you will be able to keep irrigating throughout the season.

Lake Management Specialists is a division of URS. We specialize in keeping your ponds and lakes looking the way YOU want them to look. Managing your ponds and lakes can become a headache to almost everyone. Let us help you keep your lakes clean, free of algae and other vascular plants that become an eye sore to everyone as well as cause problems with your irrigation systems. We can cure the problems in all of your lakes including the bodies of water you irrigate from typically with no water restrictions. Don’t let someone else tell you that it is too late or nothing can be done. We can also rid your ponds of most surface algae within 36 hours if have an event coming up and things are getting out of hand. Call today to set up an appointment and let us see if we can save you money from the current management plan you are using.

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