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Underwater Repair Specialists has found a number of issues while working on screens and wet wells. Almost all of these issues can be prevented with routine inspections by a diver with knowledge of how the systems work. If the problems are already there they can be fixed in a timely matter that won’t prevent you from irrigating for more than a few hours. The cost of inspecting and servicing your intake and wet well are relatively minor when compared to the cost of replacing your pumps or the hours spent servicing your sprinkler heads because of clogs.

Underwater Repair takes care of the issues you can’t see, such as:

Prices are Denver Metro area. Jobs performed outside of a 100 mile radius are possibly subject to travel and other fees. Underwater Repair takes care of the issues you can’t see, such as:

Aeration – We sell new systems and repair old systems, call for a competitive price.

Intake screen inspections - $485.00

Intake screen repairs – Depends on types of repairs needed.

Wet well inspections -free with screen inspection otherwise $485.00 (access needed into wet well)

Wet well cleaning – $885 for typical size wet wells.

Intake pipe repairs and extensions

Dock repairs and anchor placement

Just about anything you can think of that can be done in the water!!



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