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Fresh Water Sponge is becoming more prominent in our area. It can be found growing on your intake screens, inside intake pipes, in the wet wells and even in your sprinkler lines. Often times you will notice your sprinkler heads are becoming clogged and preventing some of the heads from watering.

We have seen the fresh water sponge as thick as 6 inches on intake screens and as thick as 15 inches in wet wells.  In one case we found the bottom four foot of the wet well completely covered in fresh water sponge. 

The fresh water sponge looks just like a house hold sponge however it is a living organism that grows and spreads rapidly.  The fresh water sponge is able to attach itself to the inside of your pipe even with flowing water while under pressure.  If not treated the fresh water sponge will completely cover your intake screen preventing water from passing into you intake pipe and out to your sprinkler heads.

Once the fresh water sponge is in your pond it is practically impossible to get rid of.  The best way to handle the fresh water sponge it to treat the structures you do not want it to grow on or in.  Most times a simple drip system applying chemical at your intake screen and in your wet well is the best way to prevent an infestation. 

We can help you get rid of the sponge once it is already established in these areas and prevent it from reestablishing.  Call today for a free consultation.