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As you know water is one of the most important assets you manage. A simple problem left unattended can translate into giant headaches and greater expenses if they are not dealt with. The unfortunate issue is you usually don’t know you have a problem until it is too late. A self-cleaning intake that is not working, an intake screen buried in the mud or covered in algae, or a wet well full of sand and mud will wreak havoc with your pumps, sprinkler lines and sprinkler heads. Your systems are designed to move water from your irrigation ponds to your grass. Sand and mud can cause multiple clogged heads, damage and/or ruin your pumps.

Most intakes were installed raised off the lake bottom however over time the ponds you irrigate from fill in with sludge and debris. After this happens the intake screens are sitting directly on top of the sludge or even worse they are directly in it. The sludge is then pulled through your intake pipe and into your wet well. Once reaching the wet well it is only a matter of time before it is being pulled through your pumps and out to your heads. The same debris is also passed through the pipe that cleans your intake screens (for those that have self-cleaning screens) and clogs the jets that are supposed to be cleaning the screen.

Intake screens are one of the most important tools to keeping your pumps operating properly. Depending on the age of your system you could have no screen or a screen with opening so large they allow anything to pass through them. The intake screens can become clogged from algae, weeds or other materials. When this happens there are a multitude of things that can go wrong. The screen will become damaged due to pressure from the pumps trying to get water, they can collapse or there will be only a small area of the screen letting in water. If water is being forced to come in through a small area it will bring with it sludge and other debris that will travel into the wet well and beyond.

Self-cleaning intake screens either rotate or have internal parts that rotate and blow water out to help keep the screen clean. The screens are mechanical and as with anything mechanical they also break. Typically the jets become clogged with small rocks or debris traveling from your wet well. When they plug up the screens stop turning and you are left with the problems described above. Other issues found with self-cleaning screens are the bearings going out or the rollers cutting groves into the plastic and preventing the screen from turning. The pvc or poly line feeding the screen can also break from age and deterioration or because the pressure building inside of them when the jets are clogged cause the pipe to blow off of the screen where it is attached. If this happens the screen needs to be removed, disassembled and repaired.

Underwater Repair Specialists can perform all of the needed repairs during an irrigation season with minimal if any down time. We will remove the intake screen if necessary and bring it to the surface to clean and make the necessary repairs. If the repair will take longer than a few hours we will attach a temporary screen onto your pipe to allow you to irrigate while the repairs are taking place.

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