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Ponds and lakes without flowing water and even some with are often found to have low levels of dissolved oxygen. The lack of oxygen is a major contributor to poor water quality. This often leads to fish kills, odors and algae problems. Aeration is often an easy solution to many of your problems. Installing an aeration system will increase the dissolved oxygen levels in the lake allowing naturally occurring aerobic microbes to perform tasks such as waste digestion and water purification.

When Aeration increases the amount of oxygen available naturally occurring bacteria are able to ingest excess nutrients thus leaving fewer nutrients available for the algae blooms to feed on. The bacteria will also ingest the organic sludge that is often attributed to the foul odors found in lakes with poor water quality.

Higher dissolved oxygen levels are reached by installing our aeration system which introduces compressed air into the water. The compressed air passes through our self-cleaning, non-clogging diffusers and is introduced into the water column as small bubbles that oxygenate the water while rising to the surface. As the bubble rises it begins to expand creating a current and forcing water to circulate from the bottom of the pond to the top of the pond. This destratifies the water column providing you with a healthier, oxygenated lake or pond.

Running the aeration system during the winter will also help to keep ice from forming in areas where the aeration diffuser is placed. This is great for duck or goose hunters wanting to place decoys in open water rather than on top of the ice. Aerating ponds during winter time will also help prevent fish kill often caused by oxygen depleted frozen lakes.

We are distributors and installer of Keeton Industries Quiet Line™ aeration systems. The systems can be installed by the purchaser or by one of our professional dive teams. In order to get the proper aeration system, call today and we will give you a free consultation and help choose the best aeration system for you.

Our prices are below retail prices with small systems starting as low as $300.00. Call today and talk with one of our associates. You can call us at 303-437-8394 or 303-949-0098.