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Over the years we have also found multiple issues inside the wet wells.  We have seen wet wells full of wire, tools, sand, mud, and fresh water sponge.  Sometimes there is only a small amount however we have seen 3 foot of mud and over 4 foot of sponge built up on the bottom or some.  Most pumps are only sitting 1-6 inches off of the bottom of the wet well and therefore can be covered in the debris.  Another issue in the wet wells is the baskets that are supposed to be protecting the pumps.  These baskets usually aren’t made of stainless steel and end up either falling off or deteriorating to a point they are useless.   While the pump baskets won’t protect the pumps from the mud and sand, they are supposed to protect your pumps from pulling in rocks or wire that can be in your wet well.  In the end you will have to pull your pumps and have them serviced or replaced if nothing is done.